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Sorrento's Pizza Resolution, Hurricane Hillary Cruise Impacts, Pride of America Helps Maui.

August 22, 2023 Cruise News Season 1 Episode 38
Cruise News
Sorrento's Pizza Resolution, Hurricane Hillary Cruise Impacts, Pride of America Helps Maui.
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• Sorrento's Pizza  .
• Hurricane Hillary  . 
• Pride of America & Maui. 
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Welcome to Cruise News for August 19th, 2023. In response to a heated debate within the cruise community about potential charges for Sorrento's Pizza, Royal Caribbean International's CEO michael Bailey announced there will be no fees for pizza on their cruises. This decision followed a guest survey in which a significant 80% opposed the idea of any charges for pizza. Surprisingly, 25% even stated they'd consider other cruise lines if fees were introduced. The survey's release had triggered discussions on the quality of onboard pizza, dining costs, and the larger trend of nickel and diming passengers. Princess recently started charging for pizza for their non Princess Plus fares. The industry has seen an increase in fees in other areas as well, causing concerns about the overall value of cruise vacations. While seas might look serene from a far hurricane Hillary is causing waves, quite literally in the cruise world. Royal Caribbean's navigator of the seas was originally set to sail smoothly with a day at sea before visiting Ensenada. But nature had other plans. In response to the looming storm, Royal Caribbean made the proactive decision to visit Ensenada a day earlier, ensuring passenger safety and comfort. Though safety is paramount, onboard activities remain vibrant and upbeat. With staff ensuring everyone's vacation, spirit remains undeterred. While the scenic beauty of Ensenada awaits, unfortunately all shore excursions for this port are cancelled. Navigator of the Seas isn't alone in this. Other cruise lines in the region are keeping a keen eye on Hillary adjusting sailings and modifying plans to ensure passenger safety. Now, let's delve deeper into Hurricane Hilary's stats. Classified as a formidable Category 4, it's winds roar at 130 miles per hour. With warnings of significant flash floods from Hillary's downpours, areas like Southern California, Western Arizona, and even Nevada are on high alert. In response to devastating wildfires in Maui, Norwegian Cruise Line is altering its pride of America's ship routes until the end of August. Instead of stopping in Maui, the ship will now have overnight stays in Hilo, Hawaii, and Nawiliwili, Kauai. Pride of America is unique as the sole U. S. flagged vessel that operates in Hawaii throughout the year. The company expressed its sorrow over the disaster in Lahaina, Maui, emphasizing a strong bond with the Hawaiian Islands. In a gesture of support, the cruise line pledged 50, 000 to Maui United Way and is urging others to contribute the Pride of America crew is also providing extra inventory, such as clothes and diapers to the Hawaii Community Foundations. Plus, the cruise line is collaborating with suppliers to make in kind donations. Hopefully there will be happier news this coming week, subscribe to stay in the loop.

Sorrento's Pizza
Hurricane Hillary
Pride of America & Maui