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Cabin Steward from Royal Caribbean Detained for Concealing Cameras

March 26, 2024 Cruise News Season 2 Episode 1
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Cabin Steward from Royal Caribbean Detained for Concealing Cameras
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Cabin Steward from Royal Caribbean Detained for Concealing Cameras on the Symphony of the Seas.

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A male cabin steward employed by Royal Caribbean International on the Symphony of the Seas was taken into custody on Sunday, March 3, 2024, facing allegations of setting up covert cameras within passengers' cabins. The crew member admitted to his actions and is now awaiting trial on federal charges. The cruise line is actively collaborating with law enforcement on the investigation of this serious matter. The 34-year-old cabin steward was apprehended in Fort Lauderdale following the Symphony of the Seas' return from an 8-night journey through the Southern Caribbean. He is accused of discreetly placing cameras in various cabins, strategically relocating them across different voyages to capture footage of guests he preferred, particularly targeting younger passengers. Shockingly, he also confessed to concealing himself under beds in cabins while occupants were in the shower. The discovery of his activities came after a female guest, staying with two relatives, found a camera hidden under the sink in her cabin bathroom. Upon discovering the device early in the voyage, she immediately reported it to the ship's security, leading to his detention for the remainder of the trip. Authorities confiscated his devices, including a camera, USB stick, SD card, and cellphone, uncovering several videos that documented the illicit filming, one of which showed him in the act of placing a camera inside a cabin. Royal Caribbean reported the incident to Homeland Security, terminated his employment, and handed him over to the authorities upon the ship's arrival at the dock. Royal Caribbean has declared a zero-tolerance policy for such unacceptable conduct, ensuring full cooperation with law enforcement and immediate dismissal of the crew member involved. The cabin steward, who began his tenure on the Symphony of the Seas in December 2023, now faces multiple charges and is being held without bond at the Broward County Jail. The full extent of impacted staterooms and voyages remains under investigation.