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CDC Extends Cruising Suspension 100 days

April 10, 2020 Season 1 Episode 18
Cruise News
CDC Extends Cruising Suspension 100 days
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The CDC has announced an extension to its No Sail Order for all ships docking or departing from US ports.
There are still approximately 80,000 crew onboard over 100 ships anchored or near ports around the world.
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Big news today, or rather late last night. The CDC has extended its no sail order for all cruise ships for an additional 100 days. What does this mean for you? Well, the new order applies to all ships departing or docking in U. S. Territorial waters. Let's say the United States. This means that many cruises currently planned to depart or dock in the United States in the next 100 days or roughly till the end of July will effectively be canceled.  

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The cruise lines have yet to cancel additional cruises, but that would be expected soon. Normally, they do this in waves to allow them to help with customer support and service that's required for doing such a big undertaking. Some cruises have already updated their sailings.  

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Celestial Cruises has now extended their cancellations through through June 29th. Costa Cruises through May 30th and the Disney Wonder is currently through the end of June. Most of these were announced prior to the CDC update last night. Obviously, this is not the best news for people looking to get on a cruise. Still this summer we were, of course, hoping that the summer cruise season would still have a chance. But I think people would rather be able to make other plans and at least know upfront versus waiting up to a week before their cruise to learn that it's not gonna sail.

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What do you think? Do you think this is a good idea or you ready to get back on a cruise tomorrow? Let us know the comments below. Thanks for watching Stay safe. Hopefully, we'll be cruising again soon.